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why are these rocks

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uncle ron are you being sarcastic about me buying those rocks at a rock shop? I dont think I would ever buy a rock:) some of these rocks are so perfectly precision light wont shine threw the crack when you stack them they are the kind of stone that usually rounds itself out as it goes. it is starting to drive me a little crazy . that so few people acknowledge them for being man made . Ill bet 1,000 dollars. someone made them square [unless there is a mental illness that has one believe rocks have been shaped by man , and that some rocks are meteorites] if there is then I shouldnt make that bet

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The precise shape of these rocks I believe is why Ron ask his question, very few rocks if at any can achieve such shapes in nature.

There are some rocks that can form an almost perfect square, limonite is one and pyrite can also form cubes, yours maybe limonite.

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OMG! :grr01:

Those rocks grew that way, that is their crystal habit. As they weathered and became liberated, they separated on their cleavage and the sharp edges have rounded over time, likely due to moisture and wind.

Buy a book ..... It should explain a lot and help you identify your natural non man made rocks


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:tisk-tisk: You would have to see them in person .hows a bout we make a little wager there adam? :brows:

that these, didnt occur naturally .Im sure there is some that do .These didnt :) double to nothing ? eh

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adam . :tisk-tisk: young girls say "o.m.g". & why is your smiley banging his head on the wall :grr01: :is it me?

Just so you know...... :yesss:

I.. am writing a book. about exactly this..( and your :2mo5pow: in it ) .shall I use your name? . er no?

DONT SWEAT THE PETTY .PET THE SW__ __ __ __ :ROFL: I just have to work on my penmanship

and did you say they got square because of a ( Crystal / Habit ) :th: I can read between the lines

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bottom line is Crystal Habit...just different usage depending on whether you believe them to be natural or man made.

These are natural as Adam stated. I bet you cannot find one person that has a degree in geology that will provide a written statement that they are man made.

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If man made them shouldn't there be small initials in a corner,tool marks or something?

Maybe even a trademark symbol.

THere's no sense of scale in the pics, Mel. Next time- how about a ruler or a beer?

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first mr blackbird Im wondering what you are about compliment seems nice enough at the same time making fun of my writing.I dont understand the bad vibes a couple of you put off.like your being forced to deal with me.I totally know my writing stinks I totally dont care.I cant type carefully as fast as i write.I gotta admit sloppen my words together feels like non conforming. Its funny you said too bad they werent from outerspace ,just so happens...quite a few of the tools are made of ? ancient meteorite material.no fusion crust of course.I can prove this also.

next we have Haterely how can your bottom line possibly be a funny I made up earlier.( laughing out load )and Ill take you up on that bet double to nothing .you have too stick around till it gets proven though.matter of fact you in adam a couple dead presidents on ,mother nature?


boulder dash

.Ill put 5 hunnies on the fact atleast 5 of my square rocks have been altered not by nature

. hows bout you guys lets have a debate and hash this subject out instead of mereley failing my work and disapearing.

are your minds open up able? or are yall deadset on the history are ancesters came up with.eh?

hows about we just pretend our past is all about cavemen what would be left here on earth today.

you can compare it with the collection i have.you guys bring your proof against me to the table.I will bow down If Im wrong

Im at your all of your service I mereley want what i have to be objectiveley considered .we can all just get along.

a couple of the pieces I have are marked with what appears to be their totem symbol or animals they are hoping to kill.would you like an example?

These simple shapes werent even worthy of signing they are so common .bartering items or game pieces or maybe a sort of alphabet.the possibilities are limitless.I have got enough now that I have different sets that cant be ignored

.the stone is not native to the area all the cuts are symetrical and against the grain not any whatsoever are shaped by forces of nature that they have been through

so far Ive not had alot of friendly conversations here so that probaly wont change.Ill pretend in my head you like me and are interested in my information i have gathered.this wont work If rude comments pop up.the one thing i learned from my mom

waS if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all.Ill just go ahead and pretend to be gathering together my information here for my bookwriters to get what they need. <<<<<JOke<<

I just know i will be going head on with negativity :( has anyone read the book clan of the cave bear.It is a must read really so much information.I would like to close this room off from the haters. is that possible. ill have faith . you.gotta decide if your in this conversation or your out.I just cant answer random messages fired at me from too many people and stay on track without seeming rude.

I really dont claim any knowledge what so ever I just have the facts of the stones what i know in my heart. and ideas i have come up with through the rudimentary evidence of trial , error and common sence. I shall provide for you the proof i have as best as i can.it doesnt matter if no one is nice.just as long as no one is mean.or claims to state false facts. Ill blow it off and it will be your loss because no one else would ever try to convince such an opposing society of something so seemingly whimsical.

Ill start with a photos i ask please no comments no one has too be here.keep that in mind

weaver hillbilly you seem like a good egg thank you very much for being that by me

. :Just_Cuz_06:

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BD, I think she meant 5 hundred dollars.

I think you're correct. I guess to see the rocks we need to go to 7th and 101 :Just_Cuz_06: ?

Don't see how anyone would want that bet w/o inspection.

Mammon :evil1: and rocks shouldn't mix :old:

NOw if this is just monopoly money, then go along and play :4chsmu1:

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Not what you have but a very nice example to ponder.

"Columnar Basalts are rock formations resulting from the quick cooling of lava flow. Fractures form in a random cellular network (similar to soap bubbles, organic cells, etc.), though the average distribution of sides is six, giving the hexagonal structures an eerie man-made appearance."


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okay i took these pictures of the squares this morning, its not like i sit around stacking my rocks and taking pictures, of the designs and stuff. i stacked them so you can get an idea of how flat the surfaces are.now im sure some types of rocks have a certain grain that shears off perfectly straight in certain areas and there will probably be alot of them around there the same.some of these ones arent even native to this area and there is not alot of them even flat on the sides where these came from.

these are not even so important to me as my cave man tools i dont really care if any one believes they are real or not because short of taking them too a scientist or proffesor qualified to judge them then there is no way to prove they are real because there is no explanation for them to exist.

Im thinking(not stating as fact)im thinking that these and many other shapes that i have that are not natural might have been for bargaining because anyone who holds them with half a brain can sence there different kind of specialness mother nature doesnt provide us with just the knowing in your heart the lines dont go with the flow of the rock and that time was put into it happening time or mystery.I figure they didnt really have alot too do with there time especially holed up all winter and shaping rocks could be a form of working making tradeables and keeping children occupied.

some could be like building blocks for kids or game pieces maybe even marking things.we will probably never know.

so thats these.

totally keep any negative comments to your self .if they are stated as facts .about something unknown

im open to discussing anything and love positive input and more other peoples thoughts on things

have a good day

































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