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Hi fellow prospectors,

I've just begun my annual desert trek and have had a good start finding 1.25 ounces of nuggets in the last 8 days, including a sweet 28-grammer at 15 inches using the Minelab GPX 5000 with the 15x12 Commander mono coil. They came from a well known and thoroughly hammered placer area in Pershing County, Nevada, so it's still out there to be found by the persistent electronic prospector. Best of luck in the goldfields...

- Lunk -




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Good Lord those are beautiful!
Hope you get a lot more.

Tom H.

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Hey Lunkeroo,

Very nice take so far!

I see you are using that nice wide brimmed hat,

something we talked about at breakfast last week!

I think JP had a good idea doing that, it makes good


I think when I start feeling better, I will do just like you

have done, getting some external speakers.

I did buy some external speakers, sometime back, very

similar to what you have on your harness, but there was

no way to mount them, except with zip ties and duct tape,

or something similar, so I took them back and had to pay

a restocking fee, of all things...

Montana Bob told me the mounting

stuff should have come with them in the first place.

It doesn't look like I will make this outing this week, pretty

bummed, as I would have liked to take my new SDC 2300

on it's maiden cruise.

Keep us updated on your progress, It's great to see the

familiar hillsides in your photo!


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Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Harry: we'll definitely hook up in the Big Q; in addition to the usual entourage, the legendary nuggetshooter Smokey Baird will be joining us this winter (totally stoked!)

Largo: sorry to hear you won't be joining us at Majuba...hope you feel better soon bud. I know you will like the external speaker set up....

- Lunk -

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When is this thing at Majuba? Fallon isn't too far away. Maybe Ev and I will head up there.

Ron, I sent you a PM...

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Hi Goldbug Ron,

I was going down there, wanted to brush up on my GPX5000 that I have not been able to use for the past 2+ years, due to my wife's health reasons.

Now I can't go, due to MY not feeling so shiny...

I put the 5 I owed you under that rock out there, hope you found it... :idunno:


Edited by ~LARGO~
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