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Odd Silver Ring

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I managed to get out on the beach again last night and I found my few coins and a couple of rings. (This was good therapy after hunting northern Nevada for a week and only getting a flat .5 g nugget.)

This ring had lots of oxidation on it but I have taken it off and it is both 'pretty' and odd ... let's say pretty odd because it has the numbers of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9 on it. The maker name is Kara. I can't find out much else about it.

It weighs 10.3 g and is silver without a .925 on it but a 'mark' under the maker name.

Does anyone have any idea what it would be used as? I mean occult or witchcraft or ???








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From all appearances it appears to be a custom cast ring. I sometimes forget to stamp my jewelry 925. You are responsible for your markings and it may have been made from scrap silver and therefore the maker was not willing to stamp 925 as she could not guarantee purity, although she did put her own maker mark on it.....

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I had a headshop in North Hollywood in the 60-70s and sold many 1,000s of spoon rings,knife/fork/ spoon bracelets and many objects d'art. Funny as old becomes new again as just saw a old hippie selling them at the mall craft fair this weekend. Yours is a silver cast,not well, but silver never the less-cool find-John

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