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Got 4 today


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Hey all:
Well, it was a great day out both weather wise and gold wise smile.png
Dad and I went out to Pizza wash and I detected the upper end where the tribs run into it.

I was able to snag two of the small ones out of them.

These washes are murder to detect. HOT rocks, black sand pockets and hot bedrock.

After 5 hrs of listening to my detector squabbling I was brain dead! Moved a lot of hot rocks today.

I worked back down into the main wash where I found Pizza nugget and found another small one in some gravel about 3 inches down. It was blown around by the monsoons and didn't have a chance to get down to bedrock about 8 inches below it.

Found the bigger one in the gut of the wash in a fast moving area.

Have a video of one popping out but I cant seem to get Uboob to upload?
Guess if there is any moral of the story....check everywhere! Fast areas, slow, up on the bank,....everywhere. The monsoons have no rhyme or reason, just kind of puts the gold where it wants to :)

Now I have to hit the other 3/4 mile of that wash blink.png

Great day out and the good Lord blessed us with some more gold..3.6 grammys smile.png

Tom H.



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