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Helmet Cam Tests


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Testing 123… testing 123… I finally broke down and bought myself a cheap helmet cam. Had too many buddies that trashed their $300 Go-Pros and I didn't feel like joining the club with the way I crash. Already BTDT with a GPS. I figure if I waste this camera, then I'm not out a whole lot.

Here's some raw video of some Rokon footage I shot to get the camera dialed in and adjusted properly so I can start recording my gold prospecting adventures.



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Cool! Nice and stable too.

Did you find any gold in that drainage? :)
Tom H

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What brand did you get?

It's called a "MetroFlash". I don't know who makes it, but I'm pretty sure it's made in China just like everything else is these days. So far I'm very impressed with it. It don't take bad photos either.

Here's the "Polaroid" version

Here's the "Ion" version with a little more bling added to it.

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Are you going to try a mount directly on the Rokon?

Way too rough and bouncy to mount it directly to the Rokon. With helmet or chest mount, my body can absorb some of the shock and not make for such shakey video. You've followed me before, those machines are like riding a bucking bronco when you're riding at speed and hit some rough spots.

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I like it ABZ.....more more! That Rokon sure has a sweet sound. What motor do you have on it? Is it street legal?

It has a 7hp Kohler generator motor in it. Not street legal. It only tops out at 25mph. Besides, the pavement chews the tires up. Kinda like driving in 4WD on the asphalt. Not good if you make a habit of it.

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