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If The Time Comes,

Will You Be A Helpless Victim Or ... ... The Hero?

Here are the facts ...

  • Convicted felons reveal in surveys that they're more afraid of armed citizens than they are of the police and for good reason ...
  • Armed citizens kill 2,000 to 3,000 criminals each year, three times the number killed by the police.
  • Only 2% of civilian shootings involve an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal, whereas the error rate for the police is more than FIVE TIMES that high.
  • Research shows private citizens use firearms to protect themselves and thwart crime about 2.5 million times a year.
  • Citizens use firearms to prevent mass killings, bank robberies, gang attacks, carjackings, rapes, kidnappings and hostage-takings. They use them to help capture prison escapees and murderers, to come to the aid of outnumbered or ambushed law enforcement officers.
  • Yet only a handful of these 2.5 million life-saving uses of firearms are ever reported in the mainstream press ...

... If anything, the anti-freedom zealots in Washington (and their complacent mass media) would like to do EVERYTHING they can to take away more gun rights from you and I.

And the more you ignore your right to carry a gun ... the easier it is for THEM to get their way!

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The Feds want to take away all the guns from the citizens just like they want to take away everything else. (land usage, prospecting rights, water rights and the list goes on) They are driven to make the Fed Gov. and State Gov. in control of every aspect of our lives. In this "gimmy, gimmy" society that is developing, those that have worked for what they have will end up being victims of theft and murder IF they don't stand-up for their rights and protect themselves. Those that do just that are HEROS in my mind and we need more HEROS in this country to stand-up for what is true and right. Let those that would rob and kill others for personal gain be afraid.....really afraid! JMHO.

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