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Finally gonna finish my trail bike...


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The frame & drive train started life as a 69 Rokon two stroke. I butchered up a good running ATC 110 & swapped some of the stuff off it. The last time I had it running was almost two years ago. I finally scared all the spiders off it & now need to take it all apart tor paint/ weld touch up. I still have some minor modifications I need to do to the front drive line & need to take the mitre boxes apart for rebuilding, right now it has a temporary exhaust system & I also need to figure that out, but this one is much better than the last one I put together with a chineese motor. This is the last pic I took of it.


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Yeah, I've been on that forum for quite a few years. I cleaned the carb out yesterday but still couldn't get it to run unless I sprayed some fluid down the throat. Took the carb off & cleaned it again & ended up putting in the float & flow needle off another carb. The bowl was gunked up pretty bad...put it back on & tooled around the front yard for a while.

The seat is REALLY comfy as compared to either the original or the sportster seat...here's a pic of my last one with the chinese motor. This thing had quite a bit more power. IIRC, it was a 130CC.


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With the old implement type tractor tires (really stiff) the ride was kind of rough, but the tires on it now are Maxis Bighorns & they really take the edge off, especially if you run minimum pressure...It's in no way a high speed bike. Top end is probably 25-30. My biggest problem so far has been the carb. The petcock leaks internally & the float/needle isn't quite right...Yesterday I got an aftermarket in the mail ($25) & am gonna try putting it on to see if that solves the issue.

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