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Excellent weekend in time past...


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A while ago Boulder Dash and I hit up a steep gully for 2 days of dry washing. I would guess we worked about 110 feet of gully total with an average width of 2 feet.

We don't sit around talking about doing these projects, we just make it happen. We were lucky this go around and there wasn't much overburden to deal with. We only ran 34 buckets + an additional 15 buckets of test material (which yielded very little)

Overall we did pretty good....


We wound up with 12.94 Grams for approximately 14 hours of work time


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Great job guys, the two of you you are like bloodhounds sniffing out the gold. Good pictures of the gully. Congrats and more gold to you.

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WTG you guys!
You worked for it...but the pay of sure looks nice.

Nice specimens..

Tom H.

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Do you guys ever detect the bedrock you vacuumed?

I'm guessing that's how they find the bedrock to vacuum in the first place. At least that's the way I would go about it. Of course good eyes and good sampling goes along ways also in determining if it's worth spending your time digging and drywashing. Seems like the trip Adam is referencing proved to be somewhat of a decent money maker. Personally, I'm looking for ground that can pay me at least a gram an hour. I may be looking for a long time, but who the heck knows. :idunno:

Me thinks you're doing alright for being a newbie. You're way further along in the game than I am. I haven't even found my first nugget yet. :cry2:

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