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Short hunt and scored two....


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The weather was great today my hunting partner and I went out to a spot we worked about a year ago that produced some nice gold for us. I moved on to other areas because this spot I thought dried up. So after many many months of chasing gold here and there, we decided to change our scenery and go back to some old stomping grounds. I was glad I did...few days ago we went to this spot and my partner found a nice 5.6 gram piece with a vlf, my P.I. Ziltch....I went home and thought, darn, dude you need to find some gold!!! Well today was my day....the first signal was iron, and than a few bullets....than I got this nice soft sound..diggin down about 4 inches and this beauty of a nugget pops out...2.2 grams of coarse gold...5 minutes latter 8 feet from that one another nice .6 gram piece. Took a short break for lunch..and back to it again, the only problem was to much EMI....could not hunt anymore..so we packed it out and finished our day with two nuggs. The one pictured is the 2.2 gram piece.


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The same thing happened to young Tom and I last time out. We had hunted the patch out in the past, so we thought, went back to it and scored a bunch of gold. The recent rain and floods was the reason for the change, what do you think changed things for you.

Old Tom

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Sweet chunk of gold!
WTG :yesss:

Lunch???You don't eat lunch when your finding gold like that..you go till your shaky and your

legs are wobbly :nutty:

Really nice piece, congrats...hope you get more out of it.

I hear ya on the EMI...sometimes it can drive you wonkers with the false signals.
Tom H

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Old Tom,

I think what made the difference is I crawled into some areas I never been into. We went outside the zone and found three, so now we are going to continue and hopefully locate a patch, regardless if we do or not trying is fun.

Tom H,

I found in my past that when I find a piece or two and it's near lunch time, I stop and eat, drink some water..and relax a bit. It slows me down some what from the excitement of locating that yellow stuff. It did not help me much that day, because the dang EMI was so bad, I was getting false signals every swing, trying lowering the gain, lowered the stab, everything, but nothing improved, the only thing to do was stop and call it a day.

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Great Find Relic,

With all the trash, bullets everywhere in California you have to really hit it hard nowadays to find anything good. Congrats...


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Thanks guys....we who hunt here in the Motherlode are lucky as its close, we live in the center of gold country. the difficult part is finding these beauties....I tell people its, easier to hunt black rhino, than find these crystalline pieces. But when you do, it's well worth the effort. They maybe small, and far and few ....but they sure are SEXY.... :miner: and have eye appeal....

Dave, 6 pieces of trash that day, and 2- nuggs...

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Right here in my right molar! :

Also my old cell phone I found last weekend :P

Tom H.

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Guest Tiffany

That 2.2 reminds me of my last girlfriend Tiffany...Sexy ! Nice nugget dude and thanks for sharing :head:

Let's try this again. Thanks, Adam! :D

Good job, Relish.

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