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Cleaning those dirty coins

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My bank no longer takes what they consider dirty coins even thou I have cleaned them in every solution that came along, they still had an off color or a dark stain to them. I got to thinking that I would give a try to the stainless steel media that I use for cleaning shell cases. The stainless media does not work in a vibrating cleaner but does in a tumbler polisher like a rock tumbler. I have what is called the Rebel 17, as it holds 17 pounds and comes with 5lb of stainless media (pin style) Any rock tumbler will work. I use a little lemmi shine and dawn dish soap with the pins in the tumbler.
I cleaned them so the before and after look and also cleaned the clads and nickels and last pic is of the stainless media pins.
best way by far I found for cleaning all the dug coins. Now I have a boat load of tokens that need to be cleaned.


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I tumble my beach coins with some sand and cleaner and all the pennies I take to CoinStar and get full value to spend on Amazon. Dirty coins wash my car and clothes because they fit in the machines!

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Here's a link to a "Coin Value" website, it shows what the value of the predominate metal contains in a coin, e.g. copper, silver, gold, etc. a pre-1982 penny contains 95% copper and at today's copper prices is worth .189.74 cents, so almost twice the value of the penny itself.


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I clean all my newer coins in a double tub rock tumbler. Separating the pennies from the white money, I add enough water to cover the coins then add a handfull of fine, sharp gravel pieces and a bit of dishwashing liquid soap. Everything is good to go after about 12 hours. This even cleans heavily encrusted pennies found in salt water

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