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Hey all:
Got out today back up to road wash.

Met up with a friend to do some detecting and placering.

I dug up a nice area in the wash and detected it but only got a little piece of lead.

Moved on to detecting. There was a red area in this spot I wanted to hit so off I go. It was up out of the wash on a steep hillside. I think one leg is a little shorter now!

About 10 min. into it I get this really odd signal. Its high/low but its kind of squeaky and broken.

Im thinking its a piece of rusted tin.

Welp, about 3 inches down and into the spoon out comes a nice fat 1.8 grammer! YAH!

It was about 3 feet out of the wash on the side.
I call dad and Kenn over so they can hit the hillside also, thinking it may be a patch.

Well, we hit it from top to bottom and just got some trash.

After that we started to meander around other washes in the area.

Im walking across a hillside and what do I find? A cell phone! Go figure. Guess there's some gold in it :)
Was a great day out and the good Lord blessed us with some gold and good times :)
Tom H.


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I tried to call you Tom but can't find my phone..

I think I found your cell on the hill :P


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Tks guys..

I did some research on the shotgun shell base and it looks like its from the early 1800s to 1911s

Cool to know its been laying out there waiting for me all these years :)
Tom H.

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Hey Tom,

Great score today, maybe we will have to hit that river bottom again.

"I missed it by that much"

Yah sure...good times out...if we can get by the crash site! :)

Tom H.

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