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identification for this stone

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The stone doesn't look like anything special, what is it that compels/interests you to find out what it is?

That being asked, more info is needed to help determine what it is.

Do a streak test and tell us what color the streak is, e.g. rub the stone on a streak plate/unglazed ceramic tile, the underside of your toilet tank lid will work great if you don't have a test plate.

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It scratched up the porcelain( or water deposits on same.. )

Basalt or a Manganese nodule,

Leaning towards just basalt as the surface seems porous.

Or I suppose chert or flint. They're both quite hard, as well.

Can you hit a corner off with a hammer to see color inside and see how it fractures??

. Chert and Flint will break off like arrowhead shards.

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Find a hammer, togba, and hit a corner of it to break off a chunk -see what the insides look like.

What's the local geology like- where'd'ya find it?

I'm guessing there was no color on the porcelain tank lid?

Okay, how about windowing the stone?


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Hi Togba,

To "window" the stone, you don't have to have the bucks for a lapidary saw. The fastest device for putting a window

in a suspect specimen, is a low-cost sharpening stone from Home Depot, or your local hardware store. Just use the "coarse

side" on a corner of the rock. After you have made a dime-sized or larger window, flip the stone and use the fine-grit side.

When smooth, rinse the rock dust and look in the window for chondrules, or metal blebs that will have the color of fresh-cut

rebar. Using a sharpening stone, gives a result fast, so you won't have to wonder.

Check it out, Ben

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Togba I disagree

I think it is a space rock. looks like It could be LA001 or 002 also heavily territorialized with a nice crust. chert or flint no. AzNuggetBob

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