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Hunting season open's Saturday, I'm almost packed and ready to head to the cabin. I have seen deer and elk in the yard from time to time and am sure they will not be nowhere close come Saturday. My legs won't take me to far from the side by side so a nice spot to sit and observe while others do the pushing will be nice. Will be tacking the detector for gold if the ground isn't to frozen. If nothing else it will be a good time to get away and relax. Will be winterizing the cabin for the year when I leave.

Going to be a long winter as rotator cuff surgery in Nov and then a knee replacement. Won't be going south this year. oh well


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Allen ... enjoy the hunting ... I'm headed back east in a couple weeks to hunt deer in NH and ME. Yikes ... two tough surgeries to recover from. BUT ... once the therapy sessions are over you'll be good as new. My brother ... 9 years my younger ... had a hip replacement about a year or so ago ... it was a life changer for him ... now walks with no pain and no limp! Just be sure to follow the doc's instructions to the letter and all will be good ... see ya back in the gold fields 2015-2016 winter season!

And GOOD LUCK with the deer hunt!

Mike F

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Good luck Allen

Glad to see your not letting the surgery's get you down and your

still enjoying life :)

Tom H

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