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Wet Sand Helped Make the Pyramids?


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There is a new theory on how the Pyramids were built. We know a little bit about wet sand. I know about it from digging it on the beach and 'washing' it in a sluice. What say you? Right or wrong theory?


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Either that, and/or or many round logs under the sleds or stones themselves I would think wooden planking placed along the long axis of the path intended would be passed over easily by perpendicular( to the planking) round logs between the planking and stone being moved.

The logs oriented to the long axis of the path would be used in areas of soft sand. .

Did the scientists compare wet sand to the method described above?


WE won't know how they did it until they do.

On second thought, the PSI of the rock blocks against the logs must have been fierce and chewed them up quick, maybe sand was the way to go- considering some of the quarries distance away from the building sites.

Moving logs and road planking must have got old ,real quick.

I'll buy it.

Besides, maybe they juiced the sand with tallow and sheep fat.

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