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I am new to this forum and gold mining. I just recently filed a claim on a 125 year old claim. One of the holes that we dug in is full of quartz veins. Pulled out quite a few pounds of material most of which has small beads of gold in the rock and I got some loose gold from just washing what I have. I don't know much about what I am doing so any advice would be welcomed. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could take some of my finds and have them processed in Idaho within a couple of hundred miles of Boise.




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If you go to goldplacer.com...look under lode gold prospecting and you'll see my quickly written paper on sampling.Can never seem to post a link on this site for some reason.Don't know Idaho,but ask in any metal detecting club..like the GPAA or similar..The smaller stuff you could crush up with a mortar and pestle if you think there's not much inside the speci.

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if you get the gold down to fairly pure like the glass pic. I can melt it down for you up to about 2 oz. my forge is small but cheap it cost like 10.00 bucks to melt it for you and that's just the cost of the mep..gas but that's if you ever get down to Utah I have a gold claim here its pepper gold {about the size of pepper} so as I get a 1/4 oz. I melt it.. love your posts keep it up girl

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