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The road really suffered from the rains this summer. I have always thought it to be very rough, but it's way worse now.

I don't suppose the county or anyone ever grades it? Not sure grading is even possible with all the exposed bedrock in the roadway. There was definitely a lot of material moved while I was enoying the cool weather in WA. It is good to be back in AZ regardless of the road condition.


Lizzie is not the only one who got fat and out of shape over the summer.

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The county grader tried to touch up the road last year, but did more damage than repair ... The local rancher used to maintain the road a little but seems to have quit ... Motorcyclists do the most damage out there ... They have several trails that have turned into gullies, especially where they cross the established roads ... Those roads used to be very good, but when BLM or whomever closed down the Lake Pleasant area it funneled all the Phoenix people to the LSD and things have gotten much worse ... Your govt. in action!!! ... Cheers, Unc

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Yes and it is getting wider in some of those very rough spots. Some of the bedrock patches are like razors. I am almost afraid to mention to the county in fear they will just close it. Or try to.

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