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A little Southern California color


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Dont y'all love this time of year. Had my first outing this season. 2 days in Socal with the MXT. Here's what we got.



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WTG :thumbsupanim

Got some really nice looking gold there.
Nice looking wash :)
Hope you get more out of it.
GL to ya

Tom H.

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I just back off the gain a scosh if the black sand is too nasty. But I'd rather be running a $5K machine if i had one!

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The men behind the machines is just as important as the machine. Throw in 1 part determination and 2 parts sweat and you'll do just fine. Nice dinks as if you can find them, then all is well ,so this is just the beginning of a righteous adventure-John :4chsmu1:

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Thanks Y'all. Headed back out this week to give it a thorough beating.

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