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sdc 2300 vs gpx 4800


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From a friend:

I found several Minelab GPX 4800's on amazon, new, listed for $4095 which I think is about $6-800 less than the retail price I've been seeing. I also found the SDC 2300 that was a demo used for one day for $3500. Both are at reasonable prices. Did u read anything about the depth limitations for the SDC 2300. I guess that's my reservation with it. Sounds like small pieces of surface gold are what this is for, but we'll never get rich picking up flakes of gold. Do you think the 4800 is as well suited for the AZ soil as the SDC 2300 is?

I've read the forums, passed them along to him; however the question remains, which one? And why?

I understand the concepts of smaller pieces at somewhat shallower depths vs larger and deeper. For prospecting (to begin with) the Black Canyon City/Morristown areas, combining with Lil' Yeller drywasher, your choice?

Which would be easier to learn? And use? My Gold Bug Pro has found exactly zero gold in those places, and that is not for lack of trying.

There have been plenty of bird shot, metal shavings, etc. found, just no gold. Would a P.I. be better?

Thank you.

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He will likely never get rich hunting gold...

It would take at least three detectors to cover size, depth and almost all situations...

If your friend reads the posts he will see there is no one best and that in some situations each detector could be the better detector.

I have a Minelab 5000, a fisher GBpro and a ctx 3030...that is enough for me at this point...I don't get to the gold fields enough to justify an sdc2300 to myself...otherwsie that is another detector I would have in my toolbox. From all I am seeing the SDC2300 is the place to start if you/he has the money and mostly wants to hunt gold.

The detector is doing its job...you just have not got over any gold...YOU are the main ingredient to success!


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