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Does anyone remember the thread that had a link to a petition about mining in Oregon? I can't remember the source. If you signed the petition then it would be given to their governor.

This is a 'warning' of sorts if you are considering a petition or you are considering signing it. I signed it and think it is a good idea. So what is the warning?

The petition is on a form from MoveOn.org!

Now that I am on their mailing list I am asked to contribute to their causes and I don't want to. I will not as a matter of fact. I'm finding it interesting to be considered an 'insider' and get the 'talking points' which are mostly contrary to my view of everything.

If you sign a petition on a MoveOn.org form and you don't want to hear from THEM then opt out of their emails.

Of course if you like THEIR direction then you already get the requests for money.


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