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Minelab XT17000 tips/advice?


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I just scored one in like new condition, I realize its an older machine (1993 ish) but am hoping it may be a good secondary machine. I own a GB2 and have previously owned a Tesoro Lobo ST. I have yet to find a nugget as I am new to prospecting as of last January, but I have park hunted successfully for a few years prior. Found my 20th gold ring this year.

Anyhow I know it takes patience to find nuggets, which I am no stranger to as a "dig it all" hunter. This machine has the 2 frequencies 6.4khz and 32khz, my question is which would I be better off using in the Morristown area. I assume the higher 32khz but of course I would like to find big nugs which would be better at the lower freq.

Has anyone used this machine and have any tips? Would you suggest gridding an area and scanning in one frequency then rescanning it all in the other freq afterwards?

Going to hit up a GPAA claim (Golden Dream) this weekend for the outing and am hoping to get some use on the trip.

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SS I had a XT17000 for years. Found a lot of gold with it. I always hunted in the 32 khz then after gridding a patch four different directions I would switch to the 6.4 khz. Never found anything deeper than the 32 would go.

I had this coil: http://www.coiltekmanufacturing.com.au/products/products-1/15-goldseeker-eureka-gold/ and found deeper gold with it but in a new location that I knew had deep gold.

Coiltek says this coil is for the Eureka Gold but I believe it's the same as the first model for the 17000. Give them an email and ask.

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I have a video for the xt 17000 around here somewhere and also a coil for the 17000 that doesnt hook up to my xt 18000 if you want the video let me know and I'll send it to you..If you want the coil make me an offer..I have no use for it...I believe it a 10" dd.

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Thanks everyone for the advice. Sklybones I would love to see the video as for the coil I have a club member that may sell me hers for $20 pending her purchase of a new one, I realize that is a killer deal but if her deal falls through I'll let you know. As for an offer I don't want to insult you with a lowball so let me know what you are looking to get and I'll see what I can do if the deal doesnt happen. I appreciate your offers.

I did take it to our GPAA outing and let my buddy use it in the nuggetshoot, he scored a nug with it. I also hunted for about 4 hours on one of our claims just trying to get used to it. I also played with a few nugs I have here at home 5.6 gram and .90 gram I could see how different the frequency reacted to the different sizes.

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I still have mine. The extra tracker 17000 was introduced about 1992 and as mentioned two

frequencies. It was and may still be one of the best setups ever available when paired with

the 6-inch circular DD that was inly available from Australian sources...

I found it a great choice in the Eugene Range near Winnemucca. It punched deep using the DD/32.

The trick is "slow and low" and listen for sharp peaking whispers... zit-zit's NOT ZIP-ZIP's.

The zits may barely whisper so listen carefully. I have found small nuggets as deep as 12-inchs

near the Cottonwood tree near the Ol' Keystone mine. Zits signify metal such as a eluvial or

allvial nugget. For those of you who ever were at Lunker Hill contolled by Okie Jim Malone and

worked a push or older ground and used the other VLF's you left nuggets that were hidden

in the clay for me. "tailgate jim straight... AZ Bob, Sandtrap, Smokey, George Duffy Jr,

Tim Dale and others: Happy Memories...

Hey Nevada Chris... Happt Trails and Golden Memories as I bought my xt-17000 from Wilma...

Hope all is well with her... ana you too! js ... garimpo is right

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