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6mm BR

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I bought a rifle from pawn shop in 6mm BR. The owner said it wouldn't feed right. It is on a Savage 110 action and has a Leupold 12X scope on it, It also has a 28" stainless barrel. The barrel is stamped 6 BR N ( 8 ) The trigger is set to 2.2lbs
I assume the 8 stands for 8 twist. No other stamping. The barrel looks great inside. It has the blk synthetic stock.
It came with the Redding custom 3 die set and 20 rounds loaded and 20 empty cases. I pulled one of the rounds and found it was a 80gn Nosler BT and what appears to be 30.1 gn Varget powder
This caliber is new to me.
Went to the range this morning to shoot what came with the rifle. One of the Shoot n see targets with a hole on right side was already at the 100 yd so I used it to see how it shoots. 1st round caught me by surprise because of light trigger, next 4 not to bad. Think I will keep it.
The guy that put this together wanted a repeater and got frustrated because it wouldn't feed. This is a large Savage action. I bought it and will use it as a single shot, no problem as most 6mm BR are single shots
Will make a great varmint shooter for those long range shots
I don't think I got hurt for $350.00

Busting caps and finding gold, nothing better.

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That is pretty good shooting! Now go find it's cousin the dasher and you'll have a complete set.

Here's a good read on it.



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