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Which is better...


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for star gazing?

Celestron 70az (style=wide body and short)


Celestron 80eq (style=narrow body and long)

Telescopes are hard to understand for rookies. Can't find 1 site listing them all and what they are capable of doing.

I like the short one because it would be easier to handle but other than that, i don't know squat...lol

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That site covers the basics for someone who already knows a little bit about telescopes Mitch. But it's a good site for seeing what specs they have.

Hmmmm...the eq80 has slow motion tracking but no power adapter...I don't understand. Does this mean manual slow motion tracking? No remote comes with it. I seen this at a pawn shop for $60 and it looks brand new.

The 70 does have a remote.

If i'm understanding this correctly some telescopes don't give you erect images. Who would want that...lol

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Try sending Johnno a PM he's know a good bit about telescopes and maybe can help you decide which is best for you, not sure if he will stumble across this topic when he visits the forum, he stays pretty busy with his work and is not on the forum too often but he does drop in from time to time.

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I guess i should of asked what are the pros and cons of refractor vs. reflector telescope. Anyone know which is better?

Also manual tracking. How does that work?

Tired of searching message boards...lol

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