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SDC 2300 gold from Nevada

Reno Chris

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This time of year the weather changes, and I've pulled out of California to focus more on Nevada gold fields.

Got out only for an afternoon yesterday, but still got seven little nuggets with my SDC over at Rye Patch, in a place that has been pounded by everyone and his brother. The total weight is only 0.7 pennyweight, or 1.1 grams, but I only detected 4 hours with the SDC. The bottom line is that I had a lot of fun and got some gold - what more can you ask for with a short session on a pounded patch? The weather was beautiful - though this time of year the weather can be chancy - but we hit it just right.

Hey Bill - remember how cold it can be at Rye Patch in October with the wind???? :D



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Way to go RC Was leaning towards getting the ATX because of the price difference and coil selection. May half to rethink my decision. You guys are cleaning up with the 2300 on the pounded patchs. Do not hear much on the ATX on these forum


. Later, Jerry

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