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As Claims Advantage Members know we have begun our annual Special Reports on the year in Mining Claims.

The first report is 14 pages covering the last seven years claims numbers on a State by State basis. We've produced a public one page report to give you a look at the basic numbers over those last seven years.

Land Matters Annual Mining Claims Review Overview 2016 Public Report is available free online and as a PDF download from this page.
From the charts and tables in the report you can get a good overview of claims activities over the last seven years. There's also a depiction of all the mining claims current by State and Type at the end of the 2016 mining year. (see below)
I'm hoping this information will help clear up some of the large amounts of misinformation being put out by different groups over the last few years. You can get a feel for the actual patterns for new and closed claims as well as acreage and small miner status over the seven year period.
Land Matters will be following up soon with a very detailed 15 page 2016 State by State comparison for Claims Advantage Members only. Shortly after that Special Report Land Matters will send a 14 page administrative report to Claims Advantage Members. That's the BLM mining claims "report card" for 2016. That report will be very enlightening as to how well and when each State's BLM office handled their claim duties in 2016. Land Matters will be offering a briefer public version of that report too. I'll post an announcement on this forum when that public report is available.
Here's a quick look at active mining claims at the end of the 2016 mining year.


The Land Matters Mining Claims Maps were updated yesterday as they are twice each month. It's the most current claims mapping available.

Land Matters is a fully qualified non profit educational organization with no paid employees and no advertising revenue. We depend on individuals like you to help us continue our work. If you appreciate our efforts please consider a donation or a Membership.


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I know a lot of you are waiting for the new updated Land Matters Mining Claims Maps. That update should have been available on Monday but the BLM is having some technical difficulties with its Secure Transfer Server and we have been unable to update the active mining claims information on our maps.

Our contact at the BLM says the problem has been identified and  should be corrected tonight.  We should be able to access the data in the morning.

I know this is a critical map update for a lot of our users. I'll post here as soon as the maps are updated. :D

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The Land Matters Mining Claims Maps have been updated to October 15 ...finally!

The BLM Secure Transfer Server was finally repaired late last night. We got the download after midnight. You now have access to the most up to date mining claims maps available.

Thanks go to Kathy Ferguson for her assistance at the BLM Denver Applications Support Section, National Operations Center. There are good BLM employees and Kathy has always been responsive and helpful

There are about 1,000 acres of claims being opened up in Northern Washington State around where the Kinross gold mine is operating. This is a big deal in a small mining State. Washington State prospectors are going to have fun exploring those new areas.

California is still working on mining claim case files from two mining years ago. As usual the Utah State BLM is doing their job very professionally and are progressing with their updates in a timely manner. Two different worlds in those two BLM offices alone. Thanks go out to Utah BLM for taking mining case files currency seriously.

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thanks Clay

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Posted (edited)

As they do twice a month Land Matters updated their free Mining Claims Maps. That claims map information is current as of January 1st.

The mining year is now four months along. In the last 4 months there were 6,479 mining claims closed and 14,854 new claims located as of January 1, 2018.

That's a net gain of 8,375 new mining claims in the first third of the 2018 mining year!

As of January 1, 2018 there were 391,907 active mining claims in the BLM database.

That's a big number but it represents less than 1% of all the public lands open to location.

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