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With the desert prospecting season just starting it's a good time to show off what I did this summer. I have been working with a few friends on a new non-profit organization to give you a single place for all your land research.

The result is MyLandMatters.Org. This is the gateway to your land information repository. Maps, books, tutorials, community resources and quality, easy-to-access information about the land around you.

No ads, No memberships, No log-in required.

This past spring while sitting around with some friends we came to the conclusion that most of the important and useful things that we want to know about the land around us was difficult to locate and tough to understand. Despite the many sources of information there was no one place to find the information available.

We decided we could do something about that. We agreed to put our time and energy into creating a single place that anyone could find the answers to questions about the land.

It's a big project. It has taken a lot of work, learning and resources to get things started. But after six months of long days, and more than a few nights, the Land Matters repository is ready for you to use.

Land Matters is all about the land. You can find Land Status Maps, Active Mining Claims Maps (with live direct links into the current LR2000 claims database), A great collection of mining books, Land Laws, Geology books and maps, Forest Travel Plans and a whole lot more.

Land Matters is for land users. Our collections are guided by community input. That's you. Let us know what kind of material you would like to find in our Library or a particular map you would like to see. Help us build Land Matters to best serve the community.

We've already got a lot of things that prospectors have been asking for - the claims maps alone were almost universally requested. Land Matters isn't just for prospectors and miners. But you can help prioritize our efforts and drive the content of Land Matters. Prospectors now have a unique opportunity to help build an information resource designed by prospectors and for prospectors.

We are just getting started filling the Library but there will be hundreds of books, maps and items added in the next few weeks. We've even got a Newsletter so you can get regular updates about new additions to the Land Matters repository.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Here are a few good places to start:

Tutorials - the current focus is on understanding Land Status.
Maps - We all like maps and we've got some you will love.

Library - search for something.

Barry & Leigh

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Barry and Leigh,

Great site, tons of useful information. Thank you for the hard work.


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Thanks guys!

Skip I've got the South Carolina geology on my short list. It should be online soon.

Dave thanks for the support! And thanks so much for being a beta tester. We'll be incorporating some of Dave's ideas into our claims maps soon.

We've got a new claims map for Oregon available and an Alabama geology map up and running too. Alabama has some very interesting geology.

Let us know what you would like to see and we will try to get it into the site. :D

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Here's the South Carolina Geology.

North Carolina to follow. More updates soon.

Skip, it's all about the land. South Carolina has some beautiful land why wouldn't we include it?

We will be spending a lot of time with the east and the south as well as including quite a bit of international land information.

Let me know what else you'd like to see. :D

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Thanks!!! :thumbsupanim

I know that Virginia, S.E. Tennessee, and Maine has some very good natural gold bearing areas, these would be a good to include for the eastern USA, most of the rest of New England and some other mid USA states that has gold, has it only because of glaciation, so Geology mapping for the those other glacial deposits states wouldn't be of much help to find gold unless you had glacial deposits/moraine mapping.

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All the US States and a good part of the world are scheduled to eventually have geology maps. The order they get built in will be determined by user feedback - like the suggestions you just gave me Skip. :4chsmu1:

North Carolina Geology is up online now. Do a search of the Library for Carolina and you will get some interesting results like these:

Locations of native gold seen in panned concentrates from North Carolina and South Carolina (1987)


Gold Occurrences Near Jefferson, South Carolina (1971)

There are more results, just hunt around a bit and I'm sure you will comer up with more gems. :yesss:

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Thanks, I haven't had much time with my hectic work schedule since you posted the new site for much research on it, but I did look around a bit, I'm off all weekend and will be checking out the site in depth!!!

I'll also be spreading the word of the new site in the eastern states/forums!!!

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More Land Matters Updates:

The Colorado Mining Claims map is up and working.

There are 12,990 claims in Colorado as of October 21.
10,708 are Lode Claims
1,545 are Placer Claims
720 are Millsite claims
17 are Tunnelsite claims

We have rearranged how the claims maps work. Dolan Dave was one of our beta testers and as usual he had a good idea. Why not split up the Lode Claims and Placer Claims? And so we have. Brilliantly obvious - Thanks Dave!

We've also added a claims name display on the map for the Placer Claims when you zoom in. Let us know how you like the changes. If this way is better for users we'll change the existing and future claims maps to work the same way.

Colorado came first in votes for claims maps this time. I'm guessing they may have a bigger population than Nevada? laugh.png

Those Nevada prospectors are determined though. There might only be a few people in the whole State of Nevada but I'm guessing you all voted 3 times? Nevada claims map is next in line to be finished. wink.png

To keep you busy in the meantime I put up a Nevada State Geology map. These State geology maps are pretty basic right now but we will be adding more layers to them as time permits. We host the geology and claims on our own servers so it takes a while to build the databases. Check back often for new additions.

Don't be afraid to poke around in the Library. It's a good place to find useful things.

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More Land Matters Map Updates:

Several people requested Tennessee Geology so that was near the top of our list. This was a tough map to make, ALL of the government data was broken. We reassembled, fixed and cleaned up the data over the last three days. Enjoy Tennessee!

Skip pointed out that a Maine Geology map was a good idea too so that's up now.

The geocommunicator internet feed went down again this weekend. I went ahead and hosted the Grazing Allotment Map on our servers rather than hope and wish they would bring the map back.

These government map services are very unreliable, particularly on weekends. Part of our goal at Land Matters is to host this public information from our own servers. Our own servers are much faster and don't disappear at odd times - or permanently like the geocommunicator claims maps in 2011 or the removal of the 100's of National Atlas maps at the end of September.

Let us know what you think of the new maps or let us know what you would like to see in the Library or Maps.

Much more coming very soon. :thumbsupanim


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As requested the Nevada claims map is now available. Careful - this is a big one. It opens with just the placer claims shown to save on bandwidth. If you've got a slow internet connection you might consider zooming in before you turn on the 182,000 plus lode claims. ohmy.png

The BLM LR2000 data dump was updated yesterday November 2, 2014. As always please remember this is only a snapshot of the BLM case file status at one point in time. You can check current claim status for any claim on the map but you won't see new ones until the next update. This map doesn't show the actual location of a claim - only the assigned 1/4 section in the BLM claims case files. This is a research tool only - the rest of your required due diligence is up to each individual prospector. All that being said it's still pretty cool getting this stuff for free - consider a donation to keep the servers up and running. wink.png

While you are there check out the Nevada Geology, Land Management map (included on the claims map) and the Wilderness map.

This was a tough map to build - California is going to be much harder. Only about 1/3 of California is surveyed. Makes it tough to put those claims in sections when there is no survey.

If you aren't interested in Nevada we just put up the Idaho geology - also by request.

Find a good spot and go play in the dirt. smile.png

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Thanks so much for all that you guys do! Oh yeah, any idea when the S. fork of the American River will be available?

I'm starting to get the idea you'd like to see the South Fork Steve? :25r30wi:

Luckily MinerDiggins counts votes like a few Southern states I've lived in.

Vote early and vote often it all counts towards the total. :4chsmu1:

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By user request Land Matters has finally finished the California Claims map. We've also added a cool Gift for our donors to enjoy.

This thing was a bear, it took more than a month for Ruby to get the Township Range and Section grid straightened out. Less than 1/3 of California has been surveyed and the Federal, State and County governments have used that as an opportunity for land grabs. As a result there is no single complete Land Survey grid in the State.

Now that the grid is built it's relatively easy to update the claims. The current map was updated from the BLM on November 23, 2014.

The big advantage of these maps is the ability to see the Land Status and get the current claims status for any claim right from the BLM LR2000. No need to fill out confusing forms on the BLM site anymore. Just use the tool and click on the results window and the BLM report for that claim will be generated for you automatically!

Be sure to check out the County Recorders map layer. After you have pulled the BLM LR2000 report you can look up the County records too.

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The Arizona Claims Map has a new addition - the Mineral Potential map layer. This little beauty was worked up by the Arizona Geological Survey to show where the areas of highest mineral potential are in the State. It looks pretty simple but there is a lot of information and study that went into this map.

This map really belongs with the Arizona Geology Map and you will find it there too. I just thought it would give a little more information to those studying claims and land status.

The Arizona Geology Map also got a new Faults Map layer display too. Each State geology map will be updated with new information layers as we get the time. Contact Land Matters and let them know what you would like to see next.

I hope you noticed that I can now link you directly to those maps without going through the website or a donation page. These two maps are now sponsored. Sponsored maps are given direct access without any click through pages so feel free to share those links to the maps with your friends - the link will now take them directly to the map. biggrin.png

If you were thinking of getting the California Treasures gift DVD there's still time to have one mailed to you before the holiday.

The Arizona Claims map has just now been updated directly from the BLM (12/12/2014). We've also split the claims display into separate layers for lode and placer claims so you can dig through them a little easier.

More coming soon!

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Alright now you have a map with a bunch of colored squares on it. I'm sure you've figured out you can zoom in to an area and get some information about what's on the map by clicking the [ i ] symbol but how to heck can you get some real useful information. You know like finding out just which claims were new in the update.

You can make the job of seeing what claims were updated when and where with a little search magic.

You know that pair of Binoculars on the right side of the map? You are probably thinking we just put that there to confuse you - right? :200:

It's actually a really cool feature once you learn to use it. I'll give some examples:

First open the Arizona Claims Map.

1. Go ahead and click on the Binocular symbol while you have the Placer Claims layer turned on. An imposing form titled "Query Editor" appears on the upper left corner of your map.

2. Select the name of the map layer you want to search in the "Layer Name" dropdown box at the top of the "Query Editor" window. Let's start with "BLM LR2000 Placer Claims" for this example.

3. Skip all the other parts of the form for now and go right to the "Generated Query" box at the bottom and type (or copy & paste) this exact line:
[Claim Location Date] > '2014-10-1'

4. Click the "Apply" button.

You should now have a list of all the Placer Claims located since October 1st 2014. :D

Hold on this gets even better! You want to know if any of those claims were made in your area of interest right?

Scroll to the top of that result list and find the column titled "Township and Range". Click on that title. Now the result list is sorted by the Township and Range. Just scroll down to see if there are any claims listed in your Township and Range. They will all be clumped together in a group. :D

So you want to see on the map where one of those claims is? Just click the magnifying glass symbol to the left of the claim name and the map will zoom to the section the claim is in! :D

I promised you search magic - wasn't that easy? You can change the date in this line to whatever you want:
[Claim Location Date] > '2014-10-1'

You could even search for claims between two dates like this:
[Claim Location Date] > '1936-1-1' AND [Claim Location Date] < '1952-1-1'
That will search for all claims located between 1936 and 1952. Just click on the "Claim Location Date" column head to sort those in order of date.

You can search for specific claims by name or any other quality you want just by playing around with different ways to fill in the blanks in the "Query Editor" form. This is searching on steroids!

Go play with it. You can't break the maps and you just might find the trick that gives you just what you were looking for.

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