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Witnessed a fall

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Saturday morning I was heading into work. I witnessed a fireball lasting about 1-1/2 seconds. It left a short tail of smoke, and the whole thing was gone in a minute. 8:54 AM It was North of Phoenix. Pretty cool to see, I have no Idea what it was.

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A daytime fireball, fabulous! 31 people have already reported this fireball seen from the Phoenix area.

You also should report it to this webset http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireballs/fireball-report/ to aid in triangulation. Us guys love to find hot rocks!

Everyone else, whenever you see a true bolide, and not just a typical meteor, you should report it to the above as well. Save the site reference.


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In my opinion, the triangulation puts the fall site over Second Mesa, AZ on the Hopi Reservation.


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Just got back in town. I will report this tomorrow. Thanks for the link Billpeters.

Patrick: Bill's website does not have enough bandwidth for we to report every Nugget Shooter I have seen stumbling around the campfire. #Adam&Boulderdash #DontforgetHogLegTommy! #LeavingOutTheTom'sForRespect :)

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So, Ben, what is your point? The laws and rights a non-tribal member have on any res are different than other "regular" ground...It is not unlike going to Mexico where US rights have no meaning at all. Even with written permission meeting the wrong "native american" on "their" land can ruin your day...



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Thank You Fred!!!

Exactly. Since the news of this fall first came across the TV, newspapers, The Meteorite List, and ESPECIALLY this forum, it

seems like everyone was trying to ignore the nine-hundred pound gorilla in the room - That you CAN'T hunt for it, you CAN'T keep it,

and even if you found it, and "donated" it to a "Tribal Science Center", you are still in violation of Federal, and Tribal laws. That

basically makes the whole thing a non-event, kind of like meteorite falls in countries where ALL meteorites are automatically the

property of the government, or even National Monuments and Arizona State Lands for that matter. And like YOU FINALLY SAID, it

doesn't matter if you got written permission from the nearest 50 Navajos - it's STILL AGAINST THE LAW!!!!! And those are all reasons

that this story should have been killed, as soon as it was sure that the fall would be ANYWHERE on the Res. Or are you holding

out hope that the non-existent, "Tribal Meteorite Recovery Teams" will realize that because of the distances and terrain involved,

they'll request help from the outside world, to expedite their vital contribution to science.......... . I didn't think so. The fall might as

well have happened on another continent as far as List or Forum members go. You want exciting, a Cabela's sale is exciting.

But then, the sales terms would be clearly printed in any and all media releases, UNLIKE the ones regarding this fall.

Thanks Fred. What took you so long, and why were you the only one to smell the coffee?


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Hey, Ben...I just say the truth as I see it...I don't give a tinker's darn about political correctness or coddling anyone but very young children.


Of course, this has no relevance to how I censor myself around my Loving Wife...I ain't that stupid!


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