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Help me PLEASE!!!!

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Welcome to the forum!

It's hard to tell from just the single photo, more photos from different angles may help and if you could include some closeups.

If you could try and determine the hardness of this rock would help as well, by doing a hardness test to determine it's hardness on the Mohs Scale, e.g. try scratching it with various items, starting with your fingernail, a penny, etc. and working your way up with items harder than the last item.

A quick reference for items you can use for testing the hardness with the Mohs scale reference number for each item.

  1. Try to collect examples of as many hardness levels as you can. You can use a fingernail (2.5), penny (3), piece of glass (5.5-6.5), piece of quartz (7), steel file (6.5-7.5), sapphire file (9).

Here's some links to help you get started with the hardness test.



The rounded form of your rock suggest it has been subjected to water action, e.g. tumbling in a stream in the past.

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If you could do one more test, a streak test, rub the rock on a piece of unglazed ceramic tile or the underside of your toilet lid, note the color of the streak left on the unglazed ceramic,

I suspect it could leave a reddish/brown streak, I'm thinking it's a form of worn down botryoidal hematite, similar to this sample, if the color is not reddish/brown other possibilities will have to be considered.


Hematite has a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs Scale, but could be higher on the Mohs Scale depending on other minerals in your sample.

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I'll do some more research later to see if I can find some possible matches from the results gather to this point, but is seems that the hardness is somewhere around 7 to 8 on the Mohs Scale, which puts it into some possible gemstones categories, though there are some other minerals that are in the same Mohs category

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Don't go cutting something up until you know what it is. Show it to someone who is familiar with it and not just guessing from your pictures. Treat is as a whole gem until you know differently. You can't uncut it.

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