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Hi Guys & Gals , Since the sdc 2300 came out, don't hear to much about the atx?? Just wondering how you atx folks are doing in he field and how do you like the machine? I know this I mostly a minelab forum and sdc seems like a great machine but is a little to pricey for my wifes,I mean my budget. Might just wait till they come out with a non waterproof model or look for a used one when they start hitting the market. Happy Huntin And don't forget to vote the BUM'S OUT in Nov. SEMPER FI Jerry :thumbsupanim

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ATX is a great detector and I think with the 8 inch coil would be almost as sensitive as the SDC 2300. I still use my ATX when hunting deeper ground if Kim has my GPX 5000.... Yup we have allot of Minelab users here, but all forms of prospecting and detectors are welcome here. Let me know if and when you plan to buy and I'll give ya a smoking deal.

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Thx Bill & Chris I read the Atx falses when hitting against things, and does not if you scurb the ground ? I saw it on a u-tube video by Bearkat. Just wondering if you guy's noticed that when dectecting. Thx Jerry

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