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October issue of ICMJ by Ray Mills


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Just received my October issue of the ICMJ Prospecting & Mining Journal and I am happy to say Ray Mills did it again with a great read " " Detecting Alone- What To Look For ". I would highly recommend anyone new to nuggethunting or for those who have been at it for decades to read magazines such as the ICMJ as they are a great resource to learn or just kick back by the fireplace in the cold winter months thinking about warmer weather and getting out to your favorite spots. I really enjoyed reading what Ray has to say about nuggethunting and what to look for. It's obvious to me that Ray has been at this for a very long time and has much valuable information. I always learn something new when I read these articles, and one of the most important things to do in order to become successful at nuggethunting is reading as much as you can, than applying yourself in the field. Thanks again Ray for contributing you knowledge and sharing it with us.


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Fred, have a chance to meet this hero in our hobby as well as several others. Headed for Rye Patch this weekend for 10 days. More than welcome. Give me a holler.


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Hey Shep,

I wish I could....but hope you and the other members have a great time....and have a little luck out there. One day soon...I will make it happen, just right now with three littles and school, sports and life :) well......you know how that is....lol

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