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Green and brown rocks


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If you have access to a geiger counter, I'd check the stuff in the first picture. Looks like some small pieces of uranium rock/ore that I have seen, but I am far from being an expert. I wouldn't carry it in my pocket though, until I found out for sure.

Little piece(shiny/waxy) in center of last picture resembles jasper.


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The yellow coloration in the first pic reminds me of Orpiment((( :evil1: Arsenic Sulphide)

- but then I've only seen pics of it.

Others resemble jasper.

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Hard to tell from the pictures. First picture looks like rhyolite to me, though some parts look more like jasper. Could be it's jasper and it only looks like rhyolite because of the surface weathering. The rest of the pictures look like jasper to me. some of them may be common opal, or opalite as suggested. If you do the knife test Haderly suggested and it leaves a scratch, then you've most likely got common opal.

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