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meteorite? found in Peruvian desert

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I found this unusual rock in the peruvian desert. Almost perfectly round. Although not magnetic, it is extremely heavy in weight. It has a thin crusty layer on top, but below is a very dense core. It doesnt seem like any other meteorites i see online, but the outer crust looks to be melted and its unusually heavy. I should add that the area i found it in is dense with marine fossils. The land was once underwater, millions of year ago. Would this be a good area to search if meteorites were to land in water first?



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Definitely not a meteorite, they are never round like that, nor do their exterior surfaces look bumpy like that does.

Any meteorites that landed there millions of years ago would have long since weathered away to nothing, especially if they landed in water. Typically meteorites only survive on Earth's surface on the order of thousands of years (there are some example of longer terrestrial ages, but not too many).

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Elementary :old: It looked covered in nodules and it's a rock, put rock and nodules together on Goog and looked at the images. FOund a match real quick-said it was Mn nod. So I narrowed to mn nodule and got oodles of matches....

:grr01: GEt enough and you can make some tough steel

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Yes, it is still a good mineral specimen. Also, from what I have read and seen online, quite

a few meteorite have been found in the deserts of Peru, so there is still great opportunities for

Munroney, in that locale.


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