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22,000 Roman coins


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BBC News Today - Devon treasure hunter discovers 22,000 Roman coins A treasure hunter from Devon has discovered the biggest hoard of 4th century Roman coins recorded in Britain. Laurence Egerton, a builder, took up metal detecting seven years ago and found 22,000 Roman coins dating from AD260 to AD348.

Source - http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-29399437

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Seems to me when they have discoveries like these Roman coins in the UK the museums have first shot at buying the coins, or what ever that discovery is. Either all or most of the monies used to buy the coins goes to the individual making the discovery plus the person who own the land the discovery was made on. The down side is there may not be much, if any, money available to buy discoveries like these Roman coins.

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Just to give a sorta value to how much these 22,000 coins maybe worth, 2 years ago a UK man found 3000 Roman coins and they were valued and bought by a museum for £40,000, the coins were bought with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund, so the 22,000 coins would have have approximately 7 times that value for a estimated value of £280,000.


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:thumbsupanim not bad for a day of detecting......in my dreams. The treasure vs cache review board is indeed fascinating but there are times when silence is indeed golden.John :brows:

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