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Sandborn Congress Maps


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Can anyone out there use these?

I have Phoenix as well but too big to post on forum. If you want them, E-mail me and I can send them.



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Sanborn maps was made up by a Fire Insurance Company way back when. There all old , show building that are no longer there. Show water lines and even Poop Houses. If your a Detector kind of person other then gold , there a Gold Mine of Information.

Out houses are a Collection of all sort of stuff from Bottles, Coins even wallets. You never know. I have the Series of maps for here in Deming that get me back almost to Camp Cody. Wish they had that one.

Here are the first two pages.



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Sanborn maps are a great resource for finding where the old dwelling/building/parks, etc. were!!!

Here's a link to Sanborn website and their Fire Insurance Maps, also a link to the Library Of Congress" collection of Sanborn Maps



Also check with public libraries and Universities libraries in your state/city, many of them have Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for that respective city/state.

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