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Fred ... I couldn't agree more with you. I used to detect with my right and carry the pick over my left shoulder with my left hand ... you would think it would be automatic to 'pick' with my left since it was already there ... NOPE ... put the detector down and pick with the right. Now ... for the last couple years I pick with the left if shallow and still hold the detector with the right. If I feel it is going to be deep I drop the detector and swing the pick with both left and right. Still tired at the end of a busy day but no tendentious.

mike f

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Too true, John.

Bob the idea is to use the other half...at your age I doubt you have time to wear your other side out...i am assuming that you are past 50...

But, too each his own...


Hey fred just because Im well over 50 doesn't mean my other side doesn't get used a lot, just for other things. :old: and yes Im working very hard wearing out the other side.

just kidding you fred. AzNuggetBob

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