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AWWWWWW Man, and he was so Close! LOL


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Yea, My bet is the Lady Cop had more then a good time with him. Everyone in the Head Shed had a blast with that one for sure. Poor Cow Boy, Lost his Truck, Towing fee's, Got Fined $2000.00 and Driving Ticket gone for a Year. Unfortunately I Know how this works. Forgot to Mention the DWI Classes 50 miles away with no way to get there costing $200.00 and the Kind Donation to MAD Mothers Agenst Drunk Driver your forced to pay.

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That one cracks me up no matter how many times I watch it!! :laught16: :laught16: He got the last laugh Homie... he donated to D.A.M.M (drunks against mad mothers) instead.

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