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Ok, let's see what you can do about this Computer Problem.


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When you find out, mines been doing that for over a year now. I just re-adjust the color using ms media player and make it right. I use to think it was bad ms driver updates, but don't know now.

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This is pretty much what I go thru when I troubleshoot any problems with my Window 7 programs.

Run Norton and Fix-It Utilities programs


Try Control Panel/troubleshoot computer problems/run programs made for previous versions of windows.

Check for the latest Flash Player version/updates, check the Flash Player for troubleshoot suggestions.

Web search based on problem description, there a good chance someone else as already worked this problem.

If this is a recent problem try Control Panel/Back up or restore your files/select another backup restore files from. This will reset the computer to a timeframe of your choosing before flash player started causing problems. But keep in mind it will reset everything without loosing any important documents or other items I have saved over time.

Good Luck




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Try choosing "HTML 5" on YouTube and dump the buggy invasive Flash player.


Your problem will go away.

I don't have Flash installed on any of my systems and I never have display problems.

I also have been using HTML 5 for YouTube videos for a while with no issues, before I would not be able to watch YouTube videos because of them being very lagging/glitchy.

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My only problem is old videos I have saved. I have no problems watching YouTube's. It's weird.

BTW, i'm using vista with ie9.

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