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Old Gold bug compared to the GB2

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I have been looking for this answer with no sucess so I'll put it out here.

What freq does the original GB run on, compared to the GB2 and GB pro? I know it detects gold much better than my MXT< but was wondering what the differences were beteen the different Gold bug models.

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Wonder why the spread of frequencies between them? That is quite the spread. Can I assume the the high 70's ish freq would qork better than the lower freqs?

The higher frequencies are better for small gold, but will still find larger gold, the lower frequencies is better for larger gold, it's all in what you need for the area that's being worked.

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My experience with both machines was you have to keep your finger on the ground-balance and constantly adjust it. As I recall anything over 75% was pushing the stability too far for me. I never felt I was losing much depth...I found a1/2 oz nugget that was at least 12" deep, maybe more, but it was just a whisper too start.

Some of the real good operators can run those things flat-out...way too much for this simple soul.


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