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When I try to down load my mail via Win 7 MS Outlook 2003 I get the following "Receiving reported error (0x800CCC92). Until today everything was fine no errors, I have all the current service packs and can not find any other issues. Does anyone have any fix it suggestion? Right now I thinking maybe I need to uninstall re-install outlook.

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From the error code it looks like you need to reset your login details.

If you are using Google or Yahoo for mail it may be on their end - they don't always make allowance for Outlook's non-standard protocols. The error code only shows that your logins are being rejected - not why.

You do not need to reinstall Outlook but you might want to consider using a more stable mail program that will maintain your login details and follow proper SMTP and POP/IMAP mail protocols. Outlook has had this problem for nearly 15 years. (Yikes)

Here is some more info on the short term fix for the problem. Long term solution is to find a better mail program and possibly a real POP mail server.

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Well apparently Verizon thought I had access my e-mail account with the wrong password or user ID and lock down my e-mail denying me access via my MS Outlook. The Problem is more like was it wasn't me with the wrong access info so after about 30+ minutes with Verizon Help Desk we fix the problem with a new password.

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