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Allen in MT

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Pretty awesome stuff. Seems to me there would be a little lag time in the controls, which I'm pretty sure are all satellite connected. Maybe it's gotten better over the years. I can remember a few years back when my RV buddy had a Hughes satellite internet hookup for boonie surfing, and the lag time was measured in seconds. I'm guessing since it's the military we're talking about, the lag time is probably only a few milliseconds. Not enough to really matter when flying a jet or a drone. :idunno:

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I know they already have Drones Mike, but I think the full fighters will not be far behind for being remote controlled, it makes sense, you may lose an aircraft from time to time but you would no longer lose pilots, now if you lose a fighter aircraft many times you also lose the pilot as well or he/she gets capture, which maybe a fate worst than death.

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They have actually been doing this for years with F-4s.

Guess they ran out of them and are using 16s now.

They don't use an explosive warhead on the missle in hopes that they can bring it back and use it again.

Man, that was a 83 model and I remember in 1987 receiving our brand new off the assy line 86 models.

Crimmy, im getting old!
Tom H.

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my definition of a 'drone' ... any flying object remotely controlled from some location other than inside or outside the object. Could be a model plane or could be in this case a full sized F-16 ... point being that it is unmanned flight.

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Anybody know or can guess the cost of an updated remote controlled F-16 verses the cost of a Predator drone?

Also consider the time each can stay airborne. The F-16 long range cruise maybe 4 hours aloft. The Enhanced

Predator 42 hours.

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