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Had to make a trip to the big city to get some bathroom fixtures so thought I would get up early to get some detecting time in. Got to town and found that I left my 6" probe at home so a quick trip to the store for a new 6" Phillips (the skinny one). Now back to the park as it was 8O'clock and the meter maid was all ready making the rounds so had to buy a 2 hour parking permit, Should give me enough time. Anyway this area is a park where they have a carousel and a structure called Dragon Hollow with all kinds of jungle gym things for the kids. Started off finding some tokens and change. by the time my 2 hours was up I stayed close to the truck for another 15 min. in case the meter maid showed up. Found a few more coins. There were some parents starting to show up with the kids and as usual I give each kid a token to the carousel. The moms think that is really nice. :thumbsupanim

When I left the area I had along with the trash found 31 pennies, 12 nickels, 11 dimes, 14 quarters 38 tokens and 7 of those elongated pennies squished down into a token.

Not a bad haul for 2hr 15 min. oh and I gave away 5 tokens to the kids so that would have made 43 tokens total. No jewelry this time. I usually hit this place once a year.



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Nice haul with the MXT ... and great to give the kids a token ... leaves a GOOD taste in the mom's who I have found in the beaches back east don't really have a high opinion of those lowly detectorists. Well until they loss their diamond ring in the sand and ask us to find it and we do ... Then we are good guys! One conversion at a time. Speaking of the beach hunting it seemed every time I was there late morning I felt like the pied piper with all the kids following. It was actually fun taking the head phones off and using the external speaker ... the kids knew when I hit a target and I let them take turns digging them up ... most kids got a coin or better out of those times. Lots of smiles from kids and parents alike.

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