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Went out to an Ancient River Bed a fellow prospector told us about. Did some sampling and it turned out to be decent ground. We setup the drywasher and went to work. Ran 1/4 yard of dirt

Hiking out to the Ancient River Bed


Thompson Hancrank Puffer Drywasher


Running dirt


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Nice gold- it paid for the beer or gas,,,, so close to my back yard. Makes me think about the large buried granodiorite boulder in my backyard-right in the path of an old stream channel heading down the hill( now blurred by subdivision).

Depending on where you were in RAmona ,it could be as you say an ancient river bed or just the conglomerate rock that's thrown all over SAn DIego county. It's so widespread( down intoMexico, too) I think it's an indicator for the violence of the impact in the Yucatan 66 million years ago.


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From my limited research, the ancient river bed (Ballena Gravels) runs from Whale Mtn. (near Santa Ysabel), through Ramona and down into Poway. Ive prospected this area for the last 6 months or so. Ive found flakes that were fingernail size. A gentlemen who has prospected this area for 35 years told me when dredging was allowed and there was water in the creek bed he was getting flakes as big a dimes!

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http://www.geiconsultants.com/stuff/contentmgr/files/0/3aaf5188d802ff649166ba80c318e433/download/geologic_formations_of_western_san_diego.pdf summation of rock types in the county.


Tp on the map above is the POway group, which,,as you have found, is AURIFEROUS :thumbsupanim


Tp...........Poway Group/Ballena Gravels

(Eocene-Paleocene) - Remnant fluvial-channel deposits of the Ballena River

system. Massively bedded conglomerates, conglomeratic sandstone, and minor beds and lenses of
sandstone up to 300 feet thick...................Poway-type clasts characteristically are gray to red,
weakly metamorphosed, porphyritic rhyolite and dacite with feldspar and quartz phenocrysts. Maximum
long-dimension of clasts in the Ramona quadrangle approaches three feet. Auriferous. "
and more reference......
"Simpson, D.R., 1965, Geology of the central part of the Ramona pegmatite district, San Diego County, California: California Division of Mines and Geology, Special
Report 86, p. 3-23,"
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Au Seeker, thanks! Many more trips and pictures to come! I own a restaurant and am a full time student so my free time is fairly limited. I hope to make it out a few times a month though!

Hey great pics and welcome to the forum
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That Thompson drywasher looks light to carry around.

Thanks for sharing your trip.

Thanks. The Thompson is very light and portable. It's a nice machine. Unfortunately with the rain and dew in the mornings I think my drywashing season is over. :( Edited by au79ramona
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