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Our gold from yesterday

Buckeye Boy

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Well Newriver Blake, Jacob and I went out yesterday to some areas we thought would have been hammered by the storm. There didn't seem to be a lot of dirt movement but we did find some gold. Newriver Blake found four pieces with the GPX 5000 for a weight of a gram. Jacob used his 3500 and managed to get over one small piece. I don't have a photo or weight of his. I used the Gold Bug 2 most of the day and managed to find several tiny pieces. My total weight is right at 1/2 gram. Not a bad day but it was getting hot so we called it a day around two oclock.




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Way to go BB!

Nice gold man.

Funny your area wasn't ripped, I figured every wash in AZ. was pounded.

GL to you out there.

Cooler weather is coming :)
Tom H.

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Can u give a Beginner any advice on using a VLF Detector ? Tesoro Lobo. Thxs Dave

Terry Soloman seems to be the resident Tesoro expert on all the gold forums here in AZ. He even has a school you can attend to learn all about finding gold. May be worth the $$$ if you're a newbie. :idunno:

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