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Got 3 little guys today :)


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Hey all:
Welp, went out to enjoy the AZ. country and hit some areas that we have gotten some gold out of before.

Man, was it ripped up! New bedrock exposed. We got a lot of work ahead of us...but I digress.

So, get up there around 7 and hike back into the area. After hitting a minor obstacle in the wash...managed to scrape by it. Dad is going to hit a area we got some small stuff out of and I go a little farther in and hit some other washes. Welp, I come up empty..get back to dad and he got a nice .3grammer. :) Sweet!

Bout this time my battery is telling me its dying...dern thing is wore out. Tell dad im going to go back to the truck, swap batteries and do some hunting around the truck.

Got the ol GB2 out and hit some exposes bedrock YEEHAH! got the two little guys out of it :)
Dad gets back to the truck and we start to head out around 11:30. Want to hit a couple of more areas before heading home.

Well.....on the way out here comes this guy up the wash with a detector..What the.....Its Boulder Dash ...I had left a message to him where we would be and he showed up. Hes been back in the hills dredging.

I did notice a slight limp as he came up like he was carrying something heavy.

He did fantastic dredging down there. 13.5 grams!!!! YAH!

BD found an GB2 nug a little behind where we parked. Bout 12:30...its getting toasty and we headed out.

BD is still up there somewhere :)
Fantastic day out and the good Lord blessed us with some gold...don't get much better than that.



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Lets see them BJ

That's what im screamin!!

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I just love hunting the Catalina`s ..Especially beyond the Charleau gap :brows:

Charleau gap ? I think I met her in a bar? :4chsmu1:

Way to go Tom, very nice. Im sure those rains exsposed some new gold. a lot of new clean bedrock out there with all the storms.

Thats why I like the monsooners. Time to hit the old patches again. AzNuggetBob

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