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Fishing & Nuggetshooting on Lower Colorado River

Uncle Ron

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So, here's where we are compromising: I want to go nugget shooting someplace between
Blythe and Yuma ... Dodacious wants to catch some big fish along the way ... Can someone give us some hints, directions, etc., ... Talking about the next month or so ... Thanks in advance ... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Unc, if you go to Ehrenburg there is a road that goes south along the river. It goes all the way to Cibola. I would think you could find a multitude of spots to camp down there.

That would be on the AZ side.

If you want to go by Yuma/Winterhaven/Bard, check out Senator Wash. That's on the CA side. From http://stephaniehenkel.hubpages.com/hub/RV-Snowbirds-BLM-Camping-Near-Yuma... "Hidden in the hills are abandoned gold and turquoise mines"

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I've been to Cibola for detecting and fishing ... more successful with the fishing ... seen some nice big Flat heads out of the river ... best bait for them according to the locals is a live sunfish ... of course you have to catch that first but they are easy with a small hook, grub or worm, and a bobber in virtually any of the small over flow pond near the river or some of the protected coves. There are campgrounds right beside the river on both sides. most sites are dry camping but on the CA side there is a nice site with limited hookups and a waste dump between the highway and the river. In a month or so I may be going down that way again with some friends who are talking about going but have not finalized plans yet. Be aware that hunting season is big down there in October ... maybe we will run into each other!

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