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Strange Coin


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Went out today and pulled this coin out. Not to sure if it's a coin or a token.

It's about the size of a nickel, clad type metal; not heavy.

Thought it was weird being out in the AZ desert.
Just tells me that other people have been in that area.




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Thanks guys,

The next time I'm out there I will try to find an arcade game to go with it. :4chsmu1:

Just a strange coin.


LOL....told ya someone would know what it was :)

Dang kids!!

Tom H.

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Whoa that is cool. I remember visiting my grandparents in Kentucky one summer. It was a while back I can barely remember it. They took me and my cousin to the mall where they had one of those arcades called aladdins castle with those same tokens. I had forgotten all about it until seeing this post. That brought back some good memories.

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