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Hi Everyone,

This one I found in Newfoundland, Canada. It weighs 27 grams. It's approx. 2" X 1 1/4" and about 3/4" thick at it's widest point. It is not magnetic. I did the TTT ( Toilet Tank Test ) and no streak was to be had. :brows: It's as hard as, ..well, Rock. lol I'm leaning towards fossil but have absolutely no idea of what. Any ideas ? Any and all info graciously appreciated.


Rider :idunno:

(btw.. It's been snowing here for 2 days now ! :cry2: )








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I don't know what your rock is, but I guess it could be a fossil, it has usual shaped areas on it, I don't see anything that's looks like plant, animal, insect, etc., but with the odd shape, maybe it fossilized poop!! :idunno::4chsmu1:

Snowing????? , Brrrrrrrrrrr, it's in the upper 90s, with 95% humidity here in South Carolina and rainy, feels like a steam bath!!!

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Well, how about this one. Would those little white lines and dots be some sort of critters from days past ? It weighs 26 grams. Bigger than a quarter. Not magnetic. The black part is very smooth until your finger slides over the white parts, then it feels kind of like sand paper. My fingernail does nothing to all of the rock. What do y'all think ?

Thanks again :4chsmu1:







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It is probably a diorite or another igneous rock. The white spots are crystals and are called phenocryst.

Thank You Haderly. Muchly Appreciated. Rider

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