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Magnetic rock or meteorite


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So what kind of rock is this. It is VERY magnetic. It has tested positive for a nickel testing kit. However it failed with just the plain cleaner however after I used toilet bowl cleaner to deoxidize the medal. Interestingly it tested positive intersting rock. Likes to hang from magnets and spin around in circles until it falls. The first photo is a photo after I cleaned it. However it turned black again shortly after. Here is the photo before cleaning. It is one of many similar I found in the same area. Small broken pieces. Thanks for all who offer help. I have found many similar pieces but they haven't been easy to clean off.




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Remember, this could be a 'daughter' near you!


Did you grow up with a dad in the house? Any brothers? Little boys and old guys have lots of rocks in their collections. Maybe now you are just discovering them.


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