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Article by Ray Mills/icmj


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Read it myself, yes another fine Ray Mills story....I personally look forward to my ICMJ magazine as I have noticed ever since the moratorium on dredging, there are more nugget-hunting articles in the magazine. It's a joy to read and I always learn something from them....or I nod my head with agreement :) Keep it up Ray !! Fred, you and Chris Ralph also contribute a lot to making ICMJ a great miners/prospectors magazine....thanks to you all for your contributions.


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Fred; Chris is Associate Editor for the Journal. He has a Q & A column and always an indepth article on some subject.

I think he has given the magazine an excellent added dimension with the articles he recruits from his far ranging contacts.

Thank you for the complement it is an honor to be allowed to have my writing published. Hopefully my writing aids my fellow prospectors along the way...


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Hope skip can pull this up for all to see. Rays a very good writer that's easy to understand.

Unfortunately Rimmy, I can't put up a link to this issue that has Ray's story, I was able to put a link for the last issue because ICMJ was nice enough to post it as a complimentary issue for anyone to read online or download in it's PDF form.

But I will still check to see if the story is available for non-subscribers, but don't get your hopes up.

Edit: Sorry just checked and it's not available unless you're a subscriber

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fyi...for less than 15 cents a day you can get the magazine on line and read years of archives too...

Best money I've ever spent. The past issues and articles are priceless. Tons of great information for a newbie (or even an experienced) gold prospector to soak in. :reading:

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I've already went back on my Google Earth coordinates to recode them similar to what Ray did in the article. Great read. Great guy. Met him at the Sawtooth Mt. get together and he sent my wife and I right to the hottest place to look.

Had a great time.

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Fred and All; to reply to Fred's first post, I fully agree Fred's ICMJ (California Mining Journal) articles are the best;

they are a return--- a flashback--- to the original "mining journal" as it was in the early years as Ray's articles are

in many ways a ghost of the past. My grandfather always bought a copy at the Ely Drugstore as far back as my

childhood memories go... I still have two copies dating back to the middle 1930's...

PS... Fred you should get a package in your mail any time.... jim

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Fred the cap is an oldie. While Steve H and never met we are old friends. He now lives in Reno.

Doug Stone is also known by me. His videos great. I have several of them. I treasure your articles.

Hurridly... jim

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Sawtooth knob has been one of my gold hunting spots since the VLF's became

available... On the back cover of the July 2013 update of ADVANCED I'm

at Sawtooth. I first drywashed there in 1957. It is a large area rich in gold

from surface bits (which I'm shown hunting with a Tesoro SuperTRAX in the akkali

mode and 7x3 smaller coil... Berdrock is about 15 inches and the channels have

nuggets as large ass one ounce troy... Actually a gold-specific pulse is

a good choice for the lunkers. Photo by Sandtrap Jerry Balcer...

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Hey Stan...You are right... Ray is faster than a "speeding bullet> His latest article (A Golden Summer) is on pg. 51 I the

current November 2014 ICMJ's PROSPECTING and MINING JOURNAL (aka the cmj/icmj). ....jim

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