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INteresting SoCAl /AZ Weather to repeat itself?Whole lotta gold gonna get stirred up!

weaver hillbille

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It's rare for the models to predict a track into So CAl ,as these things( 99-100) head west with the Trades. This one is heading north.

I've been a weather radar junky for a long time and I can say that what is setting up is a very rare occurrence for this region.


I remember this storm, as I was able to see some of the damage it did in the backcountry. Got to walk the rail from Jacumba down to Dos CAbezas..





I hadn't realized that damage has been repaired to the rail line. This vid takes in the whole climb from Plaster City , through the CArrizo Gorge,up to Jacumba.


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NOw HurricaneOdile :yesss::yesss::yesss::yesss::yesss::yesss: is on the way- heading for CAbo san Lucas w/ 110mph winds...... I'm tired of dust and drought.



Type: Hurricane
Position: 19.3, 107.7
Valid: Sep 14, 2014 8:00 AM ET
Max Winds: 130mph
Gusts: 160mph
Direction: NNW

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Crap… that looks almost like the last system. Maybe even a little stronger. We got an easy 5 inches of rain in this last storm. Water was within about an inch of coming into the house. My entire backyard was one huge pool, which included the actual swimming pool which was flooded over by at least another 2 inches of water from the entire backyard. This will be the second time that's happened in the 20 years we've lived in our home. Last time it happened we got 3 inches of rain in about 1/2 hour.

I never even thought to drain the pool down or put the pump out with this last storm. Before I went to bed, I looked at the radar and there were only a few red spots here and there. Nothing I thought I needed to worry about. Woke up at 1 am in the morning to massive amounts of lightning, thunder, and rain. Looked out the back patio and water was about an inch from coming into the house. Talk about panic! I hooked up the backwash hose and started pumping the pool down, and hooked up my other pump and started pumping the backyard down. For awhile I was beginning to worry as the rain was coming down just as fast as both of the pumps could pump the water.

I'm not going to mess around this time. I'm going to pump the pool down another 5 inches below the normal level and have the other pump ready to go at the first hint of rain. This last storm caught me off guard big time. I'm going to play it safe this time. :)

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seems to me you need some drainage ditches/ swales( or is that where the water is coming from?) and some nearby lower ground for the water to go to.

And sandbags. I'd be stocking up and packin.

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seems to me you need some drainage ditches/ swales( or is that where the water is coming from?) and some nearby lower ground for the water to go to.

And sandbags. I'd be stocking up and packin.

The problem in my neighborhood is that we all have these 6 ft. high concrete fences that separates each neighbors yard. They more of less act as catch basins for each respective yard. All lots are suppose to drain towards the streets. Unfortunately for many (including me) that is not the case, so the water in my back and side yard doesn't drain as effectively as it should. It's never been a problem with normal rain fall. It only becomes a problem when we get dumped on by 3" or more of rain in a short time frame. When that's the case I can usually run hoses and pump it out into the street and stay ahead of it.

I just ordered another backup pump. I'm not going to get caught off guard this time. This storm is carrying a lot of moisture and it's coming our way. I fear this one could be worse than the one we got last week.

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I was picturing a large wash encroaching on your yard- shades of Black Canyon city floods a few weeks back. YOur situation seems a bit better than that. PLus you have a large dry well(pool) to use to your advantage.

Generator gassed up?

May the Agua FRia ( and Odile's potential) stay out of everyone's house.

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The remnants of odile are heading straight for us here in az. Could be another wet week.

It will be bad flooding.


And then there's POLO


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