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Henry Arms are good Folks!

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My 14 year old did the 14 year old thing the other day. Knocked the Front sight off his Henry Mini Bolt.

Call Henry Arms and the Nice guy gave me the questions.

Q. How Can I help you.

A. I need a new sight for a Henry Mini Bolt!

Q. What happened to it?

A, I say Oh, ya know kids, He knocked it off on the car door.

A. Yea,, I have kids too.

A What is your Name? Gave name .

A. What is your Address?

A, Gave address.

A. One is in the Mail.

Q. I ask Cost?

A. One is in the Mail.

A. Give your kid a good time.

With a Thank you from my end phone call ended.

Good People are Good People. End Game.

Elapse time? 5 minutes.


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I was thinking needed to send a check or what ever. Not having a Bank Account it would be a Money order or Prepaid Card.

I and wife found it more then Refreshing to find a Real American, Company. The Rifle cost $200 and some. The Sight about .20 In bulk. Mail, .50 cents. Yea, there going to get some serious good advertising out of this one.

I've posted it on 5 forums I deal with. All Gold, Detecting and Hunting.

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Much cheaper then the Chip Monk, I can hit the bottom of a soda can past 100 yards with the thing. Ok, Single shot! I like single shot. Makes you take time and do it right the first time.

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Nothing wrong with a single shot. In fact it is probably the very best way to learn as a kid or adult for the first time. Teaches concentration of the job at hand and 'if ya can't hit it ya don't get ta eat it!' LOL

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Homey and all about a year ago my new Bates boots where coming apart at the soles. So I emailed Bates and told them the problem and they said send them in for a possible replacement.

I said with the cost of the post office here I could buy a new pair. So instead I put some sticks in the soles where they were coming apart and took some micro pics and sent them to Bates.

Bates sent me a more expensive pair at their cost and no cost to me. Great people and a great company folks.

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Shoe GOOP would have fixed them right quick like. I know your in brazil but I've seen in Costa Rica/Mexico. I wore out my hiking boots soles after a good gooping,about 6-7 years a rugged use afterward. John

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